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Young Mom to Health Educator to Holistic Coach and OCR and Ultra Running Athlete

I was a fitness instructor 28 years ago and I saw a huge need for health education, but felt limited as to what I could provide for my students. Through personal research and partnering with trusted leaders in nutrition & environmental education as well as other health practitioners, I found answers for myself and my students & clients to not only live healthier lives, but to have knowledge and reliable resources when ailments arise. The clients I have worked with find that they feel more confident in the daily decisions that affect their health & the health of those they love. (read notes from them below)

The best learning always seems to come from personal pain. At 26, I was a young, healthy mom, pregnant with my fourth child, taught aerobics & ate right.  Other than being tired all the time, I thought I was fine & then everything went black. I was severely anemic and had fainted. That was the beginning of a journey to find out what I needed to keep myself healthy as well as my child. In an effort to add to my fitness experience, I partnered with Shaklee in 1997 and learned everything I could about supplement education and proper aborption of nutrients. through researchers like Dr. Stephen Chaney and holistic doctors like Dr. Richard Brouse and Dr. Sandra Bevacqua. Even so, the holistic support I wanted to offer my clients wasn't complete so in 2010 I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a holistic health coach. IIN gave me an overview of the top nutrition theories taught by well respected researchers and doctors like, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Andrew Weil and Sally Fallon of the Weston Price Foundation. These partnerships provided a wonderful foundation of knowledge as well as a wealth of resources for my clients, but I also am a big believer in practicing what you preach so I've explored many nutritional theories as well as chiropractic, accupuncture, massage therapy and prolotherapy. Developing relationships with these types of complementary practices has opened the doors for me to compete in obtacle course racing (i.e. Spartan Races) and ultra running. This in turn has opened up my coaching to athletes of all shapes & sizes, to those dealing with chronic immune or inflammatory issues and to anyone who just wants to feel better.

The reason my coaching is so effective is not just because of amazing, clinically proven supplements or because I've been doing this for over 25 years. The reason my coaching works is...

1. I am constantly learning and listening to those around me. When I coach you, you will not only have all of my experience, but also the wealth of experience of the educators, researches and health professionals who have impacted my journey as well. 

2. You will be heard and your insight into your own body will be an important key. 



My passion in life is to help others find that balance by listening to what you want, discovering what you already know & by connecting you to what you can accomplish through your own abilities as well as resources that will get you to where you want to go.  I can do that in several ways; through health coaching and through business mentoring.  If you are interested in financial benefits click HERE  If you want to know more about my health coaching go to the "Health Coaching" tab on this website.



Thank you so much for not just being a counselor on my journey to health, but a true friend that never gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself.  Like I told you, you have a spirit of a mother that provides comfort when needed and a gentle accountability to when I get off track.  You never condemned, criticized or made me feel guilty.  You encouraged me to discover my own path to wholeness, because you knew that as I gained that revelation, I would take ownership of MY health. 

I have tried and quit so many different programs.  I believe the reason I quit is because I didn’t have a coach and partner to come and pick me up.  Many times I didn’t want to make our weekly calls because I had failed is some area, but the calls were always so kind and encouraging and THAT was the difference maker.  My decision to make you my health coach was one the smartest things I have every done.  You not only gave me more years, but quality years to enjoy with my family. 

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

 James D



A year or so ago, my daughter suggested that I meet Stephanie about my health.  When I met her I was astounded by the level of her fitness as the mother of nine!  That was impressive and got my attention. 
We spent a good amount of time at that first meeting, at subsequent phone meetings and via email.  Stephanie did a lot of listening which I would say has been very,  very helpful.  She is also very compassionate and wants to see me and others live more healthfully.  I had made a good deal of dietary changes over many years and still did not see the fruit that I wanted to see.
I am a wife, the mother of six, a partner in two small businesses, a grandmother, , a friend, a church member and a daughter to aging parents.   I often have trouble saying "no" to things.  As I continued to say yes to an unreasonable amount of activities in my life, the stress levels increased as did the quality of my health, both physically, mentally and spiritually.
I had a good deal of trouble with my digestion, snoring and with sleeping through the night. I started taking menopause balance complex, b complex, the multivitamin, the omega complex,  alfalfa, digestive enzymes, vitamin D, and Calmag at various times over the years.  I also added the protein powder to my morning smoothie which helped even my blood sugar. In addition to the supplements, I increased my commitment to yoga, Pilates and walking.  
Slowly, I began to realize what was causing my health issues.  I have been trying to reduce my stress by saying no to unreasonable demands on my schedule.  This has been a huge milestone in my life.  
Stephanie listened to me, at a time when I needed help, and came along side me in my distress.  I am thankful to God for her encouragement and I glad to now call her my friend.  I recommend her to anyone seeking improved health.  She knows what she's talking about!  
Diane C

I have been active since I was a child. I played a variety of youth sports, started running in the sixth grade, and have done a marathon and several half marathons, even after the births of our first two children. Exercise equated productivity and was all I knew. After our third child, a foot injury set me back. I then became pregnant with our fourth child, and a downward spiral began that continued until she was two years old. My body was depleted, I was sleeping all the time, had no energy for even the simplest tasks, and depression resulted from not being able to take care of my family. My formerly healthy self was sick all the time and my depression increased as I saw no end in sight.

It was during this time that I got reconnected with Stephanie. I hadn’t seen her since we moved away from Philadelphia several years prior, but she started a Facebook group that I was interested in: 15 Minute Blast. Her goal was that the members of the group would encourage each other to get a simple fifteen minutes of activity every day. This was just what I needed! The thought of fifteen minutes didn’t overwhelm me, and I was hoping the accountability would get me back on track.

Stephanie’s encouragement (and that of the other women in the group) definitely got me excited, but then a benefit came that I didn’t even expect. Through a challenge in the group, I won three sessions of health coaching with Stephanie. She called me and listened while I explained all of the health challenges I had been facing. I told her I was desperate and would try anything she told me to do. Through these sessions, Stephanie guided me through a detox (which I could write a whole other story about!). She was on the phone with me when it was rough, and knew just how to encourage me to get through it. She taught me about affirmations and how to think about whyI was doing it, even though it was hard.

I would not have done the detox without Stephanie, and it has set me on a path that I hope to never get off. I got energy back, I stopped being sick, and I’m back to exercising. (Not only that, I’m actually getting up at 5 a.m. to do it!!) I feel like I have my life back. Stephanie continues to call me to check in and to encourage me. Just knowing her inspires me and makes me want to stay healthy so I can take care of my family like she does for hers. I am forever grateful to the Lord for putting her into my life and for using her to get me healthy again.

Amanda K